Purpose of this album
This album is a collection of additional comment and other pieces of information connected with the Cassirer and Falk families.

In compiling this site I often receive or find such small pieces of information which, at best, add to our understanding of various people in the site and their histories or, at worst, might do that but require further verification. This album is a means for progressively collecting these in a retrievable way.

The album also serves another purpose.  Some material here is entered by researchers who are not yet sufficiently sure of the information to fully stand by it, but who consider what they are putting forward as likely to be right (even though derived from secondary sources), and also likely to be of interest to others.  These are also offered with a strong invitation to others to provide either confirmatory material or critical responses which might require their modification.  One such researcher has entered material under the nom de plume of “Expat*”.  Others are invited also to enter material in this way.  Pseudonyms will carry an asterick to indicate that is what they are.

In addition, this album contains some extremely knowledgeable contributions from other researchers such as Dr Adalbert Saurma, who has been extremely generous and energetic in contributing his expertise and energies to the development of the site.

Jim Falk