Kabelwereke Cassirer
Likely picture of the Kabelwerke factory (from share certificate?): Kabelfabrik Aktien Geselschaft vormals Otto Bondy/, Wien-Meidling 1905

This picture, previously in the possession of Otto Bondy, is very likely to be of the Kabelwerke factory, given Otto Bondy’s family role, but this is not yet established with certainty.  Source: Bezirksmuseum Meidling, Vienna
Detail of the Kabelwerke propsectus now owned by the site editor and published in 1935

The Cassirer Kabelwerke Building
The main building of the Frankfurt University is by Poelzig, built for IG Farben - a Weimar and later heavy nazi industrial-militaristic complex, then (undestroyed) US headquarter Germany. Another of these big old corporations, Siemens (someone said the lamps of the fences in the concentration camps were made by Siemens - styled by Bauhaus), owns now what’s left from Cassirer’s Kabelwerke. The main hall should be transformed into a super market by autumn ‘05: Poelzighalle, Hugo-Cassirer-Straße 40-44 und WA 11, R

In Spandau, at the Gartenfelder Strasse, rather nearby, Siemens has other, much larger deindustrialized places, sometimes also called ‘Kabelwerke’. About Hugo’s Werke I’ve found that he took the factory over from his brother Alfred. Hugo’s uncle Otto Bondy had a Kabelwerk too in Vienna, where Hugo, Dr. in chemistry, did a sort of apprenticeship for these (at that time) newly invented electric cables (Otto’s factory was originally a haberdashery, later the rubber as isolating material was aded - ‘Gummiwerke’).    [Adalbert Saurma]

Which Cassirer brother played which role in the Kabelwerke company?