Werner Falk (Thesis)
Werner Falk’s Thesis: Translations and comments
Original Thesis Documents from the University of Heidelberg
Admission documents relating to the winter term 1929-30 at the University of Heidelberg
2 Feb 1930 Form filled out by Werner Falk
Werner Falk’s Studies in the University of Heidelberg  - Winter Semester 1929
6 Dec 1929 Typed request by Werner Falk for an accelerated promotion after only one term (Winter 1929/30) at the University of Heidelberg
2 Nov 1929 Letter from Prof Sombart to Prof Lederer (the ultimate examiner) explaining why Sombart does not wish to examine the thesis.
28 Jan 1930 Application for admission by Werner Falk
29 Jan 1930 Official application for admission to the exam.
Lederer’s opinion on the thesis
28 Jan 1930 Certification signed by Werner Falk that he personally wrote the thesis
Official typed Curriculum Vitae signed by Werner Falk
25 Feb 1930 Results of oral examination and final result, signed: Gundolf and faculty
20 May 1932 Official Diploma, printed (the name was in red ink)
26 May 1932 Official schedule added to the manuscript of the the thesis
Thesis Translation of Table of Contents
Last Sentence of thesis
Note of Werner Falk’s curriculum vitae, attached to thesis
Some further notes on the thesis
Contemporary Thesis Abstracts which refer to Werner Falk’s Thesis
Motivational internalism and the authority of morality by Mahon, James Edwin, Ph.D., Duke University, 2000, 257 pages; AAT 9978291
Personal morality and choice internalism by Kracher, Beverly, Ph.D., The University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1991, 253 pages; AAT 9129559
Internalism--the basis of ethical theory by Bartkowiak, Julia Joan, Ph.D., The University of Rochester, 1990, 264 pages; AAT 9111482
UTILITARIANISM AND INDIVIDUALITY by CONLY, SARAH O’BRIEN, Ph.D., Cornell University, 1982, 168 pages; AAT 8219395