Other Cassirers  associated or possibly associated with this family
Still Living Cassirers
Judge Avraham Cassirer
Aurora Cassirer
Bruce Cassirer
Christian Cassirer
Elizabeth F Cassirer
Eric Cassirer
Jerome P. Kassirer
Marilyn Cassirer, MD
Oliver Cassirer
Philip Cassirer
Christopher Cassirer, ScD MPH
Udi Cassirer
Historical References to Cassirers
Markus Cassirer 1919
Amalie Cassirer, born Konicki.  Holocaust Victim. born 20 Mar 1866
Amalie Cassirer, born Schweitzer, husband Herrmann Cassirer.
Mathilde Cassirer, born Schweitzer
Franz L. Cassirer 1931-2001
Burial Place of the Family Cassirer, in the Jewish Cemetery Breslau / Wroclaw
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