Cassirer Victims of the Holocaust
The following Cassirer victims of the Holocaust who were transported from Berlin are drawn from the Yad Vashem database.  Except where indicated it remains unclear whether these are related to the Cassirer family which is the subject of this site and if so how.
Amilie Cassirer (ne Konicki,  b 1866)
Clara Cassirer (b 1859, Breslau)
Toni Cassirer (ne Koenigsberger, b 18 Feb 1885) ** identified & entered in meta-studies
Martha Friedlander (ne Cassirer b 10 Sep 1859)
Minna Cassirer (ne Lewin, lived 5 Dahlmanstr. Charlottenburg, Berlin)
Wolfgang Cassirer
Flora Cassirer (ne Friedlaender, b. 13 Jan 1862)
Clara Cassirer (b 11 Dec 1859, Breslau)
Arthur Cassirer (b 28 Dec 1891)
Erich Cassirer (b 27 Feb 1894, may be Erich Eduard Cassirer, son of Martin.)
Frieda Cassirer (ne Hirschfeld, b 1883, Pomorze Poland m. Erich Cassirer from Charlottenburg, Berlin)
Alice Cassirer (ne Stein, b 26 Apr 1893, Slask Poland, )
Hilde Cassirer (ne Bernhardt, b 15 May 1902)
Moritz Cassirer (b 7 Apr 1890, Oppeln Upper Silesia Germany - son of Leopold Cassirer)
Edith Cassirer (ne Strumpfner, b 20 Feb 1892 - wife of Moritz Cassirer above)
Else Cassirer (b 24 Oct 1894)