Grünfeld and Cassirer
Rosalie Cassirer married Abraham Goldstein.   Their daughter Gertrud (born 1870) married Ludwig Grünfeld and they had three children - Edith, Dora and (Dr.) Franz Viktor Grünfeld.  Edith married Georg Tietz.  Franz had three children (Inge, Svea and Friedrich).
It is possible that the Goldstein that Rosalie Cassirer married may have been a very strategic Goldstein - in fact the bigest building in town was built by a Goldstein (like the villa th e Caros built in Gleiwitz). But Rosalie’s choice of husband  is at least suggestive of strategic marrying. [*Expat , 11 Dec 2005]
There is a very interesting article on Gruenfeld written by descendant Walter Gruenfeld (or Grünfeld).
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