Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameSarah FRANKIL 6
FatherJames FRANKIL (1739-)
Birthabt 1763, London, England141
ChildrenElizabeth ([Yettla]) (1792-1866)
 James (1797-1849)
 Joseph (1810-1893)
 Frances (Fanny) (~1797-1874)
 Isaac (~1805-1872)
Notes for Sarah FRANKIL
According to the 1813 Trial of James Simmons, Nathan Frankil was Sarah’s father.142 According to Philip Cohen’s records Sarah was Sarah Philips.131

The 1813 Old Bailey trial of James Simmons transcript records that Henry Cohen was a witness saying ”I am a slop seller. I live in Rosemary Lane. Mrs Simons is my mother in law.”143

As Phillip Kirby writes “This data places Henry with his in laws and I suspect from the trial evidence that Henry must have known that Nathan and Sarah Simons aka Simmons were already known as ‘old receivers’. Sarah appears to have already been in Newgate pre 1813.”143
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