Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameDon Menachem Chajim HA-KOHEN
 Abraham (1690-1776)
Notes for Don Menachem Chajim HA-KOHEN
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Said to have come from Spain to Holland and then to Niederwerrn [Niderweren?], a small village outside Schwienfurt in norther Bavaria. 317 Little is known of his children except Abraham, but his grandchildren included Chajim born in 1761, Hannah (1766-1848), Levy (1775-1851) and Emanuel Hyam (1762), see below.

“As a result of legislation enforcing adoption of surnames, some branches of the family adopted the new name Kohnstam, others dropped the prefix ‘Ha’ and became known as Kohn. Whilst there is no doubt there are many decendants of this family still living in Germany and other parts of Europe, it is Emanuel Hyam who emigrated to England in 1782 and established a family, which has spread throught many countries including Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa and New Zealand.”317
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