Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameSiegfried CASSIRER 110
Birth1812, Bujakow, Kr. Beuthan, Germany (now Bujaków Poland)556,556
Death16 Dec 1897, Berlin, Germany556
MotherEva FISCHER (1771-1852)
Death1891, Breslau (now Wroclaw), Upper Silesia, Poland16,556
Family Media
ChildrenJulcher (Julie) (1844-1924)
 Eugenie (Jenny) (1848-1904)
Notes for Siegfried CASSIRER

Siegfried moved from Bujakow (Beuthen) to Schlossgemeinde Ober-Glogau on 1 Nov 1840.557 This accounts for the location given in the entry below. This may explain the presence in Ober-Glogau of other Cassirers not yet placed properly in this family tree. - see also

According to Edith Tietz,558 “Under the reign of Frederick the Great (1740-68) Jews were permitted to settle in Germany. Siegfried worked on a farm and was promoted to a job in the administration. He opened a tavern... (and) brewed a “Schnapps” he called “Magus” which name is still known in the family.

From:|Geschichte des Jüdisch-Theologischen Seminars (Fraenckel'sche Stiftung) in Breslau - Festschrift zum fünfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Anstalt. (Taschenbuch) Marcus Brann (Autor), Peter Maser (Vorwort)

*The interesting lines are (rather to the end of the text-version):

Verzeichnis der zu Gunsten des Seminars errichteten Stiftungen und Legate. [List of foundations and bequests in favor of the Seminar, i.e.: Jewish-Theological Seminar (Fraenkel'sche Stiftung) in Breslau]

'27. (von) den Herren Siegfried Cassirer und D. Cohn zu [[Main.Glogowek|Ober-Glogau]],
zum Andenken an ihre Eltern Moses Cassirer, st. 17. September 1852, und Eva Cassirer, st. 23. September 1852. und deren Tochter Ida, st. 23. Dezember 1863.'

which translates as:

27. (by) Messrs. Siegfried Cassirer and D. Cohen from Ober-Glogau, in memory of their parents Moses Cassirer, died September 17, 1852, and Eva Cassirer, died September 23, 1852, and their daughter Ida, died December 23, 1863.

Interesting point: Do 'Messrs.' Cassirer and Cohn have the same parents? Or is 'D. Cohn' rather Siegfried's wife, and 'Messr.' is just a bureaucratic routine-slip?
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