Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameMichael JOSHUA 712
Birthabt 1805, Aldgate, east of London, England713
Death1887, Marylebone, London, England713
FatherAbraham JOSHUA (~1769-1858)
MotherSarah SOLOMON (-1837)
Birth1806, Aldgate, east of London, England713
Death1893, Mayfair, London, England713
Marriage1826, Great Synagogue, Sydney713
ChildrenJoshua Michael (~1827-1896)
 Elizabeth (Betsy) (1828-1886)
 Moss (1830-1890)
 Esther (1832-)
 Samuel (1834-1907)
 Julia (1836-1899)
 Rachel (1837-1924)
 Sarah (1839-)
 Abraham (1840-1922)
 Saul (1842-1918)
 Susan (1843-1914)
 Eva (1845-)
 John (1847-1928)
 Philip (1848-1923)
Notes for Michael JOSHUA
Susan Woolf has provided the following information: In about 1840 Michael & Sarah Joshua left London for Australia with 6 or 7 children, 4 sets of china from Garrards and probably much else. At first they lived in Sydney but soon settled in Adelaide, where some of their descendants still live. Michael had been a butcher in London but had inherited sugar estates in Mauritius via his mother or wife. He prospered as a merchant initially exporting sugar to Australia. More children were born, several made fortunes and Michael returned to England probably late 1850s, though many of the children stayed in oz.712

When Michael Joshua arrived in Australia in the early 1840s he was joining his father in law Samuel Moses Solomon who had arrived in Sydney in April 1833 on a boat from Hobart. It is not known if he had been in Hobart for some time and joined the ship there or if he was one of the passengers from London.

Susan Woolf made the connection between him and Michael Joshua by looking more carefully at the hebrew names in the register of marriages in the Great synagogue of London. She believes that Samuel's wife Betsy had died some years earlier as Michael Joshua named his first daughter Betsy and she was born in September 1828. Susan notes that apparently Samuel Moses Solomon is mentioned on page 34 of Levi and Bergman's book "Australian Genesis"714

Information about children Beryl and Keith was provided to Sue Woolf from a great grandson of Betsy and Charles when she met him in 2003.712
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