Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameRicarda HUCH 605
Birth18 Jul 1864, Braunschweig, Germany
Death17 Nov 1947, Schönberg (Taunus)608
OccupationWriter, Historian and Poet
FatherRichard HUCH (1830-1887)
MotherEmilie (1842-1883)
Death1932, Italy607
Birth1850, Braunschweig, Germany607
Marriage1 Jul 1907606
Notes for Ricarda HUCH
Ricarda Huch (1864-07-18 - 1947-11-17) was a German writer and poet. She was born in Braunschweig and died in Schönberg (Taunus) [today it belongs to Kronberg]. She also used the pseudonym Richard Hugo.
Ricarda Huch was a member of the "Preußische Akademie der Künste", but left this institution in 1933 when the nationalsocialists took over and excluded Alfred Döblin.

• Erinnerungen von Ludolf Ursleu dem Jüngeren 1893
• Fra Celeste 1899
• Die Blütezeit der Romantik. 1899
• Ausbreitung und Verfall der Romantik. 1902
• Aus der Triumphgasse. 1902
• Vita somnium breve 1903 (Titel ab 1913: Michael Unger)
• Von den Königen und der Krone 1904
• Die Geschichten von Garibaldi. 1906
• Menschen und Schicksale aus dem Risorgimento. 1908
• Der letzte Sommer. (Briefroman) 1910
• Das Leben des Grafen Federigo Confalonieri. 1910
• Der große Krieg in Deutschland. 1914
• Der Fall Deruga. (Krimi) 1917; online:
• Michael Bakunin und die Anarchie. 1923
• Gesammelte Gedichte. 1929
• Deutsche Geschichte. 1934-49
• Frühling in der Schweiz, Jugenderinnerungen 1938
• Herbstfeuer. 1944
• Urphänomene. 1946
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Misc Note 2 notes for Ricarda HUCH
Translated timeline (automatic translation from Google)606

1888-1896 Lives in Switzerland . Beginning of the historical and philosophy study at the University of Zurich, after she retrieved the Abitur within a year.
1890 Ricarda Huch passes the diploma exam as a first woman for the higher teaching profession with the total note "One". (Summa Cum Laude)
1891 The first article, the gold island appears in that Bernese newspaper the federation. First volumes of poems under the alias Richard Hugo are published.

Attained a doctorate on 18 July in history with the topic: The neutrality of the confederation, particularly the places Zurich and Berne, during the Spanish succession war .

Swiss history literarisiert: Not only their historical studies concentrated on Swiss history, also parts of their literary work developed it in the inhabitants of Zurich time on events of Swiss history, for example:
• The federal oath. Comedy to events in the Swiss Confederation
of 1798 (1891)
• The Hugenottin. Historical novella (1893)
• Play of four inhabitants of Zurich the holy ones (1895)
She works half days as an employee on the municipal library Zurich and gives German hours. Seit 1893 Her first novel develops: Memories of Ludolf Ursleu the younger one , in which the dear relationship with Richard Huch is described.
1894 She gives the library place up; instruction in the school takes place now on a firm place.
1897 After a shorter training activity in Bremen she takes in the summer to Vienna, after Richard Huch of his 13 year dear relationship had set an end.
1898 Ricarda Huch marries the six years younger Italian dentist Ermanno Ceconi and follows it after Triest. To 9. September is born the daughter Marie Antonie (Marietta).
Mrs. Celeste and other narrations appear . The first volume of the romance study is present: Bloom time of the romance ; 1902 come out the second part: Propagation and purge of the romance .
The family Huch Ceconi pulls in the summer to Munich. In the following years the historical work develops over the Italian freedom fighters Garibaldi and Confalonieri.
It visits Zurich and holds lectures in Vienna. The novel from the triumph lane, developed in Triest , appears.
Vita somnium breve (later title: Michael Unger ).
Divorce of Ermanno Ceconi, which had been received a relationship with their niece. Stories from Garibaldi appear.
With 43 years she marries Richard Huch, which is divorced in the meantime. They pull after Braunschweig. A gradual internal alienation flows 1910 into the divorce.
The Risorgimento, Portraets from the early phase of the Italian liberty fight
The life of the count Federigo Confalonieri is published .
The extensive work over the dreissigjaehrigen war, on which it worked since 1910, appears: The large war in Germany.
1916 - 1918
Ricarda Huch lives during the 2. Half of the 1. World war in Switzerland. It is invited to lectures and argues with religion-philosophical topics; she works on the sense the holy writing . 1916 appear Luther's faith .

Switzerland - a lasting at home: "this country of the refuge, the homeland, me given, me benedictions, a saving island and refuge been." 1916 turned it for health reasons for two years back into Switzerland and live in Berne: "I hardly was one day in Switzerland, then everything of me dropped, desires, concern, longing, so much that was otherwise important to me, without being important in the reason. I see nevertheless that straight this nature belongs to me, can I the feeling of the Zuhausseins have, one only here make so safe."
The case Deruga , psychological novel with Kriminalhandlung, which becomes a large public success.
It lives in Munich with the daughter.
Michael Bakunin and the anarchy.
On the occasion of their 60. Birthday lends you the city Munich the academic.

Of Thomas's man congratulations on 60. Birthday of Ricarda Huch 18. July 1924 in the Frankfurt newspaper marks its value in European culture history: "this should be a German woman day and more, than German. Because not only the first Mrs. Deutschlands is it, whom one has to celebrate, it is probably first of Europe."
The recurring Christ. A grotesque narration . Member in the Prussian academy of the arts.

Lives in the house of the daughter and the son-in-law, first in Berlin, then in Heidelberg.
Old and new Gods . Later title: The revolution 19. Century in Germany.
Receives the then most outstanding literary honor, the Goethe price of the city Frankfurt.
Bonfire. Poems
A book concerning the German resistance plans to write, immediately after the failed assassination attempt on 20 July, when numerous friends and acquaintance were arrested and executed of it. Which fell "in the fight against the bad", to honour, sketches biographic sketches, in order that one.
On the occasion of their 82. Birthday you were lent to the Friedrich Schiller university in Jena.
1947 The work on the book concerning the resistance fighters covers already 40 Biographien; it must recognize however that it could not accomplish the project alone. She hands her material to the author to Guenther over way fount, which publishes it 1953 as the loudless rebellion.
She becomes honour president of the 1st German congress of writer, the at the beginning of of Octobers in Berlin meets. On 17 November Ricarda Huch at the age of 83 at the consequences of a pneumonia dies.
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