Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameDavid COHEN 53
Birth1818, Lambeth, Surrey, England1391,1392
Death13 Mar 1902, 8 Pembridge Square, London, England1392
FatherBarnett COHEN (~1780-1854)
MotherSierlah LEVY (1788-1854)
Birth1822, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England1393
Death1876, Kensington, London, Mdx, England
FatherNathan Lyon NATHAN (1784-1850)
MotherSarah NATHAN (1787-1837)
Marriage21 Aug 1850, Great Synagogue London England
ChildrenNeville David (1851-1923)
 Burnett (1853-1930)
 Herbert David (1855-1933)
 Samuel (~1856-)
 Louis (1857-1926)
 Zara (1858-1932)
 Henry D (1860-1938)
 Henry (Harry) David (1860-1938)
 Annette (1862-1931)
 Rosetta (~1866-)
Notes for David COHEN

OBITUARY The Jewish Chronicle (JC) 21.3.1902.


We regret to announce the death of Mr David Cohen, which took place on Thursday evening, the 13th inst, at his residence, 8 Pembridge Square. Mr Cohen had been for some time past in indifferent health. He passed peacefully away at the ripe age of eighty-four, surrounded by the various members of his family resident in England. He was an interesting figure in Anglo-Jewry, an excellent specimen of the so-called ‘self-made’ man. Mr Cohen was born in South London. Leaving England as long ago as 1838, he became one of the early pioneers of the Jewish community in New South Wales. In association with his brother, Mr Samuel Cohen (who took a prominent part in the early political life of the Colony) and the Hon Lewis Wolfe Levy, he founded the firm of David Cohen & Co, one of the largest and most esteemed business houses in Australasia. In 1850 Mr David Cohen paid a visit to Europe and married Julia, daughter of Mr Nathan Lionel Nathan. After remaining in England for a short period he returned to Sydney to resume active connection with the Australian house. In 1856 he finally settled in London. From his earliest youth Mr Cohen was imbued with strong religious convictions. To these he remained faithful to his last hour. Although indisposed to hold office, he took the liveliest interest in all communal work, and was a generous supporter, both here and abroad, of all causes that tended to promote the welfare of the community. But it was in his private life that his best qualities were manifested. He was a fine specimen of an unostentatious benevolent man, and at the same time an exemplary, steadfast, and observant Jew. Those who were most immediately associated with him are aware that he was never known to refuse his aid to those in need of it. As the head of a numerous family, with branches in England and many of the Colonies, he enjoyed the utmost reverence and affection from all related to him by ties of kinship. His memory was remarkably keen in regard to persons and events now belonging to history. He never failed to impress listeners with his shrewd common sense, his quaint modes of expression, and his genial and hearty manner. His loss will be severely felt by his numerous friends, by many dependents, but especially by the members of his immediate family. It was a touching feature in connection with his demise that it took place on the evening of the day on which the David Lewis Northern Hospital in Liverpool (which owes its existence to the action of his son-in-law, Mr Benn W Levy, and his nephew, Mr George J Cohen, of Sydney), was opened by H R H the Princess Louise, and the thought of this and other foundations springing from the David Lewis Trust was a source of sincere gratification to him during the period of his long illness. Four of his children married sons and daughters of his life-long friend and partner, the Hon L W Levy. His eldest son, Neville, was for some years Warden of the New West End Synagogue [designed by my g-g-father, Nathan S Joseph], and has continued his interest in congregational affairs in Australia. His eldest daughter is the wife of Mr Benn W Levy, well known for his public spirit and beneficent activity both within and beyond the community. Mr Eliot Levy, an active member of the Liverpool Congregation, is the husband of Mr Cohen’s second daughter. His son, Herbert, is married to the eldest daughter of the late Mr Myer Salaman, of Mill Hill. The funeral took place on Tuesday last at Willesden, and was largely attended. The Rev S Singer officiated.

The Jewish Chronicle MARCH 21 1902 (Page:12/13)1394

It would seem that David Cohen arrived in Australia in 1840 or 1841. In a letter written by Barnett and Sierlah Cohen to their son Lewis dated 17 June 1840 there is a reference to the fact that 'David will be able to answer all enquiries respecting the family'. this agrees with what Samuel said at the time of the inquiry into his bankruptcy.

The announcement of their marriage is in the Maitland Mercury of 1 January 1851 - Marriage of David Cohen to Julia, fourth daughter late N Nathan, 10 Finsbury Square, London on 21 August 1850 at Great Synagogue, St Helens, Bishopsgate Street, London by Rev D Adler.

There is another announcement in the Maitland Mercury of 28 Feb 1852 - On 26 February at the residence of Mr Samuel Cohen, West Maitland, Mrs David Cohen of a son. It is not clear who this child might be. Perhaps he did not survive. He cannot be the one named Samuel but it might be Neville/Nathan as his exact date of birth is not known.

In his will he lists his sons as Nathan, commonly called Nathan David, Burnett, commonly called Burnett David, Henry Hyam commonly called Henry Hyam David.

The census of 1881 lists his age as 65, that is born 1816, however at the time of the 1901 census his age is listed as 82, making 1819 his year of birth. In 1881 he was living at 25 Pembridge Gardens, but in the 1901 census he was living at 8 Pembridge Square, Kensington with his daughter Zara, her husband Benn Levy and their children.

Pamela Brunel Cohen lists his year of birth as 1818, but there is no indication as to where this came from. Perhaps, and only perhaps his marriage certificate might show his true age. Alternatively the birth certificate of his son Neville, although this was prior to mandatory registration in New South Wales. In the notices of deaths in the Jewish Chronicle of March 21, 1902 his age is shown as 84 years. Presumably this notice was inserted by one of the family and so is the best guide to his age.

DH - Census 1851- he is living with his wife Julia at 16/17 South Street, Finsbury. He gives his age as 28 and therefore born in 1828. I doubt that this is correct. Perhaps both he and Julia amended their ages. In the census of 1861 he is shown as 41and therefore born in 1823. In the census of 1871 he is shown as 53 which means that 1818 is probably correct.

From a search of the insolvency file of his brother Samuel (1842) comes the fact that David 'has been in the colony about three years. He went first to New England and then to Maitland'. This was in an affadavit dated 9th August 1844. Shipping records can now be searched to see if his actual arrival can be found.'

David's census details are:

1851 HO 107/1523/27; 1861 RG 9/103/47; 1871 RG10/25/99; 1881 RG 11/ 28/114 (pps 55/56); 1891RG12/21/75; 1901 RG13/22/122 (pps 15/15).
Images of these census records are in my PC ('Census Details') and also on a CD.
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