Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameLeah COHEN
Birthabt 18911247
FatherHerbert COHEN (-1958)
ChildrenValetta Rose
 Bruce Charles (1911-~1994)
 Samuel George (1915-1943)
 Douglas Clive (1918-~1992)
 Edward Wallace (1919-1941)
Notes for Leah COHEN
Leah and her father worked for David Cohen in the Freemason’s Hotel in Crown Street Wollongong for which David was the Licensee.

Leah had left her family in Scone in 1922 or 23 at the age of about 31. She probably had post natal depression with five little children by the time she was 25 or 26 and the last two, a year apart had been dreadfully ill. She then spent the next twenty years working with relations in the hotel industry. She returned to live with Hector after the war (and after the death of David Cohen) in 1945.1246,1247
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