Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameRose Heinz COHEN 37,6
Birth1851, Port Macquarie NSW Australia
Death1886, Malvern, VIC, Australia962
Birth1 Jun 1851, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia963
Burial2 Feb 1886, St.Kilda Jew.Sect.Mon. B-138
Death1 Feb 1886, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia964
FatherSamuel Henry (Heinz) COHEN (1821-1899)
MotherEliza HYMES (HYAMS) (~1820-1881)
Birth1838, London, England
Deathabt 1904
Burial25 Aug 1903, St.Kilda Jew.Sect.Mon. B-140
Death23 Aug 1903, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia961
Marriage1869, St Kilda, VIC, Australia965
ChildrenLewis Henry (1871-1944)
 Ruby (1873-1953)
 Gerald Malvern (1875-)
 Algernon Charles (1877-1943)
 Douglas Clive (1878-1951)
 Roy Gilbert (1881-1956)
Notes for Rose Heinz COHEN
From Bill Jessop. Rose & David had 8 children. Louis married Mabel LYONS, Algernon m ? FITZGERALD, Dudley m Vera MACINTOSH, Roy m Sheila MACLEOD, Vivian m ?, Godfrey m Molly MACINTOSH, Ruby m Mark LAZARUS, Gerald m Jean ?

Stuart Cohen says: They had about 8 children (one is uncertain) including Ruby known as Gerty who married Mark Lazarus. Their son Jack had a daughter Geraldine who contacted Stuart.

I can't find some of the marriages, and I have my doubts about a "Dudley" being one of the children. Perhaps it was Gerald who married Vera Macintosh, and their son is Dudley. this would mean that Molly Macintosh should not be there.

Ruby's birth does not seem to have been registered, but she is named on the death certificate of her mother.
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