Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameSimon CASSIRER 572
Birth19 Oct 1848572
Death5 Aug 1914572
OccupationBrewer & Kaufmann (Businessman)1559
FatherSalomon CASSIRER (-1847)
MotherErnestine WACHSMANN (1817-)
Notes for Simon CASSIRER
It is possible that Simon C (1848) and Loebel (C1847) were the children of Simon Cassirer (1805) but this is uncertain.

It would also be possible that Simon (1848) and Loebel were children of one of Markus’s un-named brothers in which case Siegfried (also a brother of Marcus) would be their uncle.572

There is reason to think Simon Cassirer (1848 who was a brewer) would be related in some way to Siegfried Cassirer (born 1812) also a brewer, who lived close by.

Alternatively, if Simon (1848) is, as suggested here, the son of Simon C (1805) then they, Marcus and Siegfried would share the same GGrandfather Loebel C, which would make Simon C(1848) 1C1R of Marcus and Siegried.

Both these associations are still unproved.

Nevertheless a 2006 a page from a local online polish newspaper (‘Kurier’, perhaps sort of weekly/monthly newsletter) from Krapkowice (formerly Krappitz, on the Oder river) in the Opole (Oppeln) district of Upper Silesia gives a report on the  remainding gravestones of a jewish (‘zydowski’) cemetery in a little town nearby namend Gogolin (same in German):,art,id_9045

A search of this text with ‘cassirer’ finds: ‘Cassirera’ (a: genitive), ‘Simona Cassirera’ (Simon Cassirer), ‘*Simon* Cassirer (ur. 19. X. 1848 r., zm. 5.VIII.1914 r.)’ (‘ur.’ = born, ‘r.’ = year, ‘zm.’ = died),  ‘*Leopold* Cassirer (ur. 28.VIII.1847 r., zm. 27. I.1927 r.)’,  ‘*Ida* Cassirer ( ur. 28. VIII. 1858 r., zm. 22. IX. 1921 r.)’, and ‘Ernestine Cassierer (ur. w 1817 roku)’ (CassiErer).

This may suggest where these Cassirers might come from:    Other Simon Cassirers do not fit well with the known line. For example, there is the historical existence of  two related ‘Simon’ Cassirers, but no ‘Leopold’ and no ‘Ida’. The first ‘Simon’ is son of Moritz Cassirer and Jettel Retfeld, born perhaps in 1870/80. The second Simon is son of Gerson Cassirer and Rebecca Mendel Burgheim, born in 1805. It is possible but not so likely that Gerson had another Simon, the one with the Gogolin gravestone, born in 1848.

The nearest Cassirer living in this region we know of is Simon’s (1805) uncle Siegfried Cassirer the brewer (<> in Oberglogau, Kreis Neustadt (now Glogowek), only some 15 km from Krappitz / Gogolin.
(Siegfried is (apart from the ‘main line Markus’) the only of the 7 sons of Moses ben Loebel and Pesel.   The 5 others are currently shown as ‘unmarried’ since we have no additional details.)

Simon’s brother who is probably Leopold  and his wife Ida, nee Craemer (Crämer) shows up among the names of Yadvashem as parents of *Moritz* Cassirer (born in Gogolin, 7/4/1890).  After two KZs, he perished with his wife *Edith*, nee Strumpfner (1892, Lissa, Poland), in Warszawa in 1942. This is according to a document delivered in 1994 by their escaped son, *Franz Leopold,* from Ingarö, Sweden.

(Today, according to the White Pages of Sweden, Robert Cassirer, who could be Leopold’s son, lives in Ingarö. In other places  in Sweden other Cassirers, can be found living, most of them busy with a rather big car rental (‘Biluthyrning’) firm.  (Dr. Peter Cassirer, also in Sweden, of course is not from the Moritz - Franz-Leopold - line.)

[See also *Expat , 30 April 2007:]

Additional information is provided by in an article (in Polish) “150 lat cmentarza żydowskiego w Gogolinie - Urząd Miejski w Gogolinie” by Regina Kall-Szulc, published in Gmina Gogolin, (viewed 26 Aug 2012)

This confirms the above adding additional information:

As of 2006 at the Jewish cemetery in Gogolin there are about 30 tombstones surviving, with others damaged beyond legibility. Included are the following: Simon Cassirer (born 19th X. 1848, as amended. 5.VIII.1914 r), Leopold Cassirer (born 28.VIII.1847, died 27. I.1927 r) , Ida Cassirer (born August 28th., 1858, as amended. 22 IX., 1921), Ludwig Rosenberger (born 24th V. 1854, as amended. 8.VIII., 1919).

Of those were several who held prominent positions in the local community, including:

Simon Cassirer - the owner of the distillery (the local name survives today Breneraje) and one of lime plants in Gogolin. Probably the father of Simon and Leopold Cassirer was a ruler of the Jewish branch in Gogolin.”

Leopold Cassirer - the head of the municipality, the owner of one of the lime plants, the owner of two lime kilns (standing to this day, known as "piece purpose of advertising"), multiple Gogolin juror for the municipality, the deputy mayor, head of the electoral commission for the electoral district Gogolin-Górażdże. In 1913, as deputy mayor ordered the planting of July along the road leading to the church. Some of these trees grow to this day.”

Golgolin (what is now Krapkowice) is about 15 km from Oberglogau, Kreis Neustadt (now Glogowek) where Siegfried Cassirer (1812-1897) was also a Brewer.  There is also a gravestone for Ernestine Cassirer (born 1817). 

Connection to the sons of Moses ben Loebel?

Could Ernestine have been a first wife for Siegfried, and Henriette Fisher (1821-91)?  This is not possible because Henriette's children (Jenny and Julie were born in 1848) and 1844 respectively.  So the two wives would have been producing children in the same year, which is not considered proper.

Could Simon and Leopold be two previously unaccounted for children of Siegfried and Henriette?  This is unlikely since two of the children (Julie and Simon) would have been born on  7 Nov and 19 October 1848 respectively , which is biologically so close to impossible as to be out of consideration!

Therefore we may conclude that Siegfried is NOT the father of this line.

Could the children have been a son of one of the other unknown sons of Moses ben Loebel?  Yes - this is possible until ruled out. We do know that Markus and Siegfried were in the brewing business and so was Simon, and Simon lived close to Siegfried, which is suggestive.

However, perhaps more likely is that this Simon Cassirer is the son of Gerson Cassirer (brother of Moses ben Loebel and uncle of Marcus Cassirer). The dates work and the context fits. But it remains a speculation.
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