Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
Birth19 Jan 1861, Breslau, Deutschland679
Birth28 Dec 1871680,681
Deathabt 1925682
FatherFerdinand FALK (1837-1905)
Family Media
ChildrenStefanie V. (Stephi) (1894-1974)
 Hildegard Edith (Pim) (1898-1991)
Notes for Emil PRINGSHEIM
Emil Pringsheim sold his factory in Dresden and moved with his family to Berlin around 1918. He proceeded to lose all of his fortune in the stock market. After the death of his wife Anna, he moved into the very spacious apartment of the Behrendt family. After the family had left for the U.S., the apartment was taken over by Goering.682

The Pringsheim family tree has been extensively researched by Michael Engel, whose work was sent to the editor of this site by a colleague, and is reproduced at

Unfortunately the connection with this tree and the Pringhsheim family shown here is noted as “Noch ungeklärte Beziehungen zu den Linien der Stammtafel” ie, the relationship between these listed names and the family tree as developed by Michael Engel is still not settled.
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