Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameHildegard Edith (Pim) PRINGSHEIM 680,1123
Birth20 Sep 18981123
Death28 Mar 19911123
FatherEmil PRINGSHEIM (1861-)
MotherAnna FALK (1871-~1925)
Birth9 Feb 18961123
Death28 Apr 19441123
Divorceabt 1931
ChildrenAnnemarie (1920-)
 Irene (1922-)
 Gerhard (Gary) (1923-2019)
Notes for Hildegard Edith (Pim) PRINGSHEIM
Pim left Germany with her second husband Hritz Behrendt in April of 1936 at which time it was still possible to leave with belongings, but not with money. The children followed shortly after, and they settled in Great Neck, New York.682

Grandaughter, Julie Kramer, writes: “I had heard that the adults, Pim and Berthold came here first with Annemarie [a child by Pim’s first husband, Fritz], and the rest of the children followed a few months later. ... A story I heard was that Berthold, a lawyer, worked in or with the German government in the area of broadcasting. Friends from work who were "in the know" warned him to get his family out of Germany; things were going to get much worse for Jews and that he would be killed if he stayed. I don't remember where I heard this aspect of the story but my Aunt Irene [Irene Behrendt] pretty much confirmed it.”1126
I don't know what ship the children came over on but at one time there was a wonderful hand illustrated scrapbook created by Esther with ship's menus and color sketches of the ocean passage and on board scenes. I used to look at it as a child when I visited Pim's house.

Pim was married many times and from each husband gained some children until she had eight of them. When they were in the USA they were in close contact with Fritz and Betty until they left for England.680

Grandaughter Julie Kramer writes:
“Though in reality I was related only by her second marriage, Pim was a wonderful grandma and treated the children (and grandchildren) of her first and second marriages as equals. She was very loving with a great sense of humor, even when she was the subject of the laughter. Small in stature, Pim had a large amount of energy, a great sense of style, an interest in current events (as well as the fine details of the lives of her children and grandchildren) and had many, many friends. She was open minded politically and otherwise. Pim died approximately fifteen years ago (she was in her 90's) and I miss her still. She was quite a character.”1125

Esther was the oldest child of the blended family. She died in her early 20's I think- the cause of death was polio and she died shortly after contracting the disease. I believe she was treated with an Iron Lung machine. Esther, who was evidently quite smart and artistically talented,  was the daughter of Berthold with his first wife and not from your direct bloodline.
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