Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameStefanie V. (Stephi) PRINGSHEIM 680,1123
Birth20 Dec 1894, Breslau (now Wroclaw), Upper Silesia, Poland1127
Death14 Mar 1974, Johannesburg, South Africa1127
FatherEmil PRINGSHEIM (1861-)
MotherAnna FALK (1871-~1925)
Marriageabt 1915, Berlin
ChildrenGerda (-1995)
Notes for Stefanie V. (Stephi) PRINGSHEIM
Was on the St Louis and survied the War.1123
Lived in South Africa680

Stefi Pringsheim was born in Breslau, Germany on December 20, 1894. Her family moved to Berlin when she was a young girl. She married Paul Meyer in Berlin around 1915. They had one child, their daughter Gerda who left for Johannesburg, South Africa in 1933. Gerda married Mr. Melchiker, was divorced, and was married again to Paul Adler. (Paul Adler died in about 1985, and Gerda died on August 10th, 1995.)
Dr. Paul Meyer was an obstetrician/gynecologist who left Germany in 1938/39 via Sweden, Russia and China to San Francisco. Stefi left in 1939 on the St. Louis. She spent much of her time on the ship and then later in France with her old close friend Hans Kaim and Samuel Mayer whom she may have met first on the St. Louis.
The three were hidden in France by a farmer for some length of time. Hans Kaim was said to have left their hiding place to get a head of cabbage, was caught by the Germans - never to return. Stefi later settled in Lyon, and, as she spoke fluent French, lived there as a French woman who taught foreign languages.
Stefi got her visa and arrived in New York on June 2, 1947. She spent many weeks in Great Neck with our family before leaving for Spokane, Washington to be with Samuel Mayer who had moved there because his daughter, Lore Hannes, lived there. He was employed in a synagogue and Stefi worked for a milliner selling hats. Since Stefi was already estranged from her husband Paul Meyer when they lived in Berlin, she later obtained a divorce, married Samuel Mayer and lived contentedly until Samuel’s death. She moved to live near her daughter Gerda in Johannesburg, South Africa until her death on March 14, 1974. Gary was the executor of Stephanie V. Mayer’s last will written on April 17, 1964.1127
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