Purpose of this album
People: including additional Cassirer details
Walter Bondy (1883-1940)
Siegfried Bernfeld (1892-1953)
Alfred Cassirer (including his patent)
Bruno Cassirer (sundry articles and information)
Else Cassirer (ne Sommerguth)
Erich Cassirer (thesis, education and art dealership)
Max Cassirer
Paul Cassirer
Lucie Ceconi-Oberwarth (Paul Cassirer’s first wife)
Rudolph Cassirer (Thesis)
Suzanne Aimée Cassirer (married Dr Hans Paret and Siegfried Bernfeld)
Manfred Cassirer (UFOs and more)
Marie Charlotte Loewenberg (“Mariechen”). (Note on her letter in the Anecdote Booklet)
Noah Wachsmann and Ernestine Blumenthal
Cassirer Lists
Other Cassirers  associated or possibly associated with this family
Cassirer Victims of the Holocaust
Associated victims of the Holocaust (documentation includes death certificates)
Places where the Cassirer relatives lived prior to Berlin
Places visited by the Cassirers in their anecdotes
Kohnstamm origins in Niederwerrn
Cassirer Graves
The Celulose factory
Kabelwereke Cassirer
Geheeb and the Odenwaldschule / Ecole d’Humanite
Cassirer mentions in the Claims Resolution Tribunal
Connected Families and Possible Connections
Pringsheim Family
Leopold Cassirer, son of Simon?
Walter Feilchenfeldt (Partner and managing director of the firm of Paul Cassirer in Berlin in the 1920s)
Falk Miscellaneous
Werner Falk (Thesis)
Dessau Synagogue Records for Lazarus, Zipora,  and Ferdinand Falk
Hans Kaim, hidden with Anna Falk and victim of the Holocaust
Obituary of Werner Falk - New York Times 17 Oct 1991
Fritz Falk’s Thesis?
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Contemporary Cassirer Events, Exhibitions, Books
Paul Cassirer Exhibition, Berlin, 2006